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A full-featured piano application for Android.
Check on the Android Market(from Android devices only)

User Manual

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Future Improvement
About Record and Player Mode
About .xpiano.txt file


  • 5 octaves piano keyboard
  • 128 instruments, from Acoustic Grand Piano to gunshot
  • Multi Touch(Android 2.1 or higher)
  • Record your performance and play it
  • Sample music to learn how to play piano on Android

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How to use Player Mode
Player Mode is one of the main feature in xPiano+ and xPiano. It can be useful to learn how to play piano on Android.

xPiano+ and xPiano have many options. Please set options as you like to play comfortably.

Use Recording function of xPiano+ and xPiano to save your music idea quickly.

Future Improvement

  • Manage and download .xpiano.txt files in xPiano
  • MIDI file decording

Record and Player Mode

You need a SD card for recording and Player Mode.

When you record your performance, a .xpiano.txt file and a .mid file are saved under /sdcard/xPiano.
And when you open a file in Player Mode, xPiano search .xpiano.txt files under /sdcard/xPiano.

About .xpiano.txt file

As you can see from the .txt extension, it is a text file.
It contains pairs of "when" and "which key".

1000 0
1500 2
2000 4

This means sound key0 at 1000ms(1s), sound key2 at 1500ms, sound key4 at 2000ms.
Key0 is the leftmost C, and key number increases like the following.


So be careful. Key numbers don't correspond with MIDI note numbers.
And times must be in ascending order.

I'm creating a MIDI decorder converting a .mid file into .xpiano.txt file.
But I need more time and may be never released.

Sample .xpiano.txt files are available here.


Q. Response is not good. Will it be improved?
A. I'll try, but please keep your expectations low. Response time of sound is largely depend on hardwares.

Q. Why I cannot play three keys at once?
A. I think it's the problem of Android OS or hardwares. At least on my Nexus One with Android 2.2, third finger doesn't trigger any event, which means I can't detect third finger in my application.

If you have any questions or suggestions,
send an email to me.