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Download files and put them under /sdcard/xPiano
You can rename a file name but a file name must end with .xpiano.txt

How to download a file and put it in /sdcard/xPiano on Android
To download a file in Android's browser, you need to do a long tap on the link.
Menu will appear and you can save the file by "Save link".
The saved file will be located in /sdcard/download or some place like that.
So you have to use a file manager like Astro File Manager to move the file.
In the case of Astro File Manager, you can move file by
long tap the file > Edit > Move and move to /sdcard/xPiano, then Paste.
If xPiano folder doesn't exist, create it.


Children's Song

Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Mary had a Little Lamb


Metal Gear Solid : Enclosure
Power Pro Kun Pocket 6 : Game(First half)
Power Pro Kun Pocket 6 : Game(Bottom half)
PawapokeDash : setunaine
PawapokeDash : saranisetunaine
Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney : Cornered
Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney : Trials and Tribulations : Godot


If you have files you can share, please send me the files by email.

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