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Thank your for using xPiano, and I\'m really sorry for this announcement.
I decided to stop update of xPiano.
xPiano continues to be available on the Android market, but there will be no update in the future.
(I'll fix serious bugs if found.)

Sorry for those who are looking forward to improvements.
Please let me explain why.

On 8/19, I released xPiano+, the paid version of xPiano.
Since then, I updated both xPiano and xPiano+ nearly at the same time.
I thought it was the right thing to do, because xPiano+ had not been created without xPiano users.
But after several updates, I realized that 
updating both xPiano and xPiano+ was a little heavy burden for me.
You may think they are almost the same application, so it has to be easy.
Yes, it is almost a matter of copy and paste. But not all.
I have to take care of details, rewrite some codes and check if it works.
It was not creative nor informative, and to be honest, not interesting.
xPiano is the first application I released and I really liked it, but I came to think that I wanted to spend my time more on adding new functions in xPiano+ or developing other applications.
So, I decided to stop updates of xPiano.
I hope you kindly understand my situation.

I continue to update xPiano+ and develop new applications with the experience I got from xPiano.
I really appreciate all your suggestions you gave me to improve this application and encouraging comments.
Without your support, xPiano had not be able to be xPiano today.\n
Thank you for all.