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A Flash Cards Application for Android
Screen Shots
How to import cards from a file
Future Improvement


  • Organize Cards with Tags
  • Import cards from SD cards and wirelessly with Dropbox account
  • 5 types of sort
  • Card Search

Screen Shots

How to import cards from a file

File Format
A file that contains cards must have the extention ".tsv".
".tsv" means Tab Separated Values. So some values are separated by tab, not "," like .csv (csv means Comma Separated Values)
You can open and edit .tsv file in Notepad or your favorite text editor.

In this application, values are front texts, back texts, and tags.
You can omit tags, or specify more than one tags by using comma.
So texts in a file look like


A Sample file to import is here.
Import Instruction

File Location : SD Card
You can import a file in SD Card.
A file must be under /sdcard/FlashCards and has the extention ".tsv". The folder is created when you first open Flash Cards. Use Menu->Import in home to select a file to import.

File Location : Dropbox
You can import a file in your Dropbox folder.
Use Menu->Setting->Dropbox Setting to set your account info and specify where the file is.

Future Improvement

  • Add Text to Speech function
  • Backup and share cards
  • Optimization and speed up


Q. Why this application require Internet Connection?
This application connects to internet only to import cards from your Dropbox files.

Q. I don't have Dropbox account.
I think Dropbox is worth to try, since it is free (and really useful).
Still, you can import cards from files in the SD card and add cards in the application, so no problem.

If you have any questions or suggestions,
send an email to me.